Things You Should Avoid In a Sales Letter

Posted by admin on December 09, 2014
Newsletters for Web Shops

A sales letter remains a necessary tool in online marketing of your corporate blog or webshop. Regardless of your business or clientele, there are various things you should avoid when crafting a newsletter aimed to motivate customers to sign up with you or order more from your webshop.

One of the most important qualities in a good sales letter is that it will attract even those people who might not otherwise have considered ordering more for you or continuing with the signing up process. Therefore, the subject needs to be engaging, catchy and promising. But if the subject doesn’t address the customer directly, he or she will not be bothered to open and read the rest of the newsletter. In fact, they might end up deleting it without a second thought.


Keep the customers updated

“What Is In It For A Customer?” this is a key aspect when writing a newsletter. You cannot just start writing generally about how your web shop or casino is doing. You need to narrow it down to how your success – or indeed failure – may benefit the customer. A round of generous bonuses? A competition with truly awesome prizes? A generous discount on a particularly popular brand? Have there been problems for clients, such as problems with payment processing or software glitches? In the latter case, it is a good idea to write about how you have addressed it. Be careful how you phrase it though, and where in the newsletter you place it. If you start writing your newsletter and the first thing you mention are the downfalls of your business, and your recent measures to improve its performance, a few will be interested in that but more will see it as a weakness and will not be bothered to read on.

For this reason, the effectiveness of the sales letter and the fact that the reader will be prompted to open it will not only be determined by eye catching topic but also a well focused header. The first sentence should provide a clear idea to the reader of how he or she will find your site lucrative – especially when compared to competitor sites. Overall, the trick is aiming everything to the customer’s interests and thus you will be able to execute a sale!

Get to the catch

There should always be a “catch” in a newsletter where you spend a few minutes explaining to the reader the benefits that will come along as they take a few minutes to read what you have in store for them. This means that the more time you spend highlighting your recent business performances in terms of profits and how you desire to share them with your customers, the better.

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