Factors to Consider When Crafting Email Sales Newsletters for Casinos

Posted by admin on December 09, 2014
Newsletters for Online Casinos

emailcasino1Many people don’t understand just how valuable email newsletters can be in the competitive casino world.

There are three aspects that dictate the value and performance of a given newsletter and these include time, relevance and how engaging it is to the reader. The newsletter’s aim is to provide new information unknown to the subscriber on how the business has grown and how the customer would benefit from this growth. The purpose of the newsletter is also to alert the customer to any offers he or she might be interested in.

When crafting an email based sales newsletter for an online casino, besides the writer remaining positive every step of the way, there are other underlying factors that would make the information convincing to the customer. Always remember that your target audiences are those visitors who have already provided their email details through subscription. This is why the following factors must be considered.

The first thing you need  to put in mind when crafting a sales newsletter aimed at drawing presumable amount of traffic that will eventually increase the total number of visitors interested in gambling at your casino is to establish an objective. Once you have set a particular objective, stay focused on it. Do not try to use one newsletter to present your multiple set of ideas to the customer because that will not work. Too many offers of differing kinds will confuse the customer. Focus your email for instance on free spins. The next newsletter might talk about new deposit bonuses. The third can bring up a competition on the site. These may all be sent out in the same week, but preferably not on the same day and always in separate emails so that the customers are clear on what’s on offer inside.

Choosing a good header and subject line is another vital step. The point here is that every sentence should be well thought out and targeted towards a given objective. The subject line should immediately make clear what’s on offer and draw the customer in. A good header will further entice the customer once he or she opens the email.

When crafting your email newsletter, ensure that you stay focused on the reader. Every sentence you write should be persuasive and convincing. It should be make the customer desire to visit your casino in order to make use of your offer or your update or whatever other service is on offer. Remember that besides giving them your reasons for the newsletter, customers should also see the benefits that come with it at that point in time.

For any sales newsletter that would be considered valuable, it should provide clickable options. This is a link that would direct the reader straight to the part of the site where they can find the offer. If the link you have provided is not clickable, this is less likely to lead the customer to visit the site. He or she would then have to search the site or type the address manually – usually too much effort even for the most tantalizing offers.


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