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Posted by admin on September 15, 2015
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There is one thing to send a great email to your subscribers. Another skill is to get people to give you their email. In today’s world where people are bombarded with so much information they might be reluctant to sing up for another subscribers list.

There are many different approaches to getting people to sign up to your email subscription. Some are more aggressive and some others more relaxed. Whats best is always depending on the situation though. Its usually hard today to get peoples attention though in a smooth way since everybody else is pushing it really hard.

One nice way to promote your subscribers list is to have a email sign up box. It can easily be put in the sidebar of your homepage. People that visit your site will then see it and can easily sign up if the want to. Its not at all a pushy way to promote your news letter.

Some company’s are a bit more aggressive though. They make a little window pup up where they ask you you sign up. Usually the say it some great promotions they will send you if you do sign up and of course sometimes they will do that as well. The annoying thing can be when you are on a sell phone and it gets a bit tricky to close that window. Meanwhile all you wanted to do was read some information on their website.

The conclusion of it all is that there is no ultimate road to have you do get your customers to share their email with you. What we do know is that different things work on different people and things work in different way depending on what market you operate in.

It can probably be said though that the more long term relationship with the customer might be better off if you don’t push them with to much things. The key word is to still give them information about things that they can appreciate. They don’t want to open your emails once a day and never see anything they care about. That will quickly turn bad for your company since they in the end will stop even looking at your emails.

One thing is for sure though. Subscribers are worth money for your company these days. Companies have been sold for big numbers lately where there is no profit making at all. They just get paid because the have a customer base that are registered with them. When they get paid a lot for these kind of things its also taken into consideration how well the relationship is as well with their members. If they are going to get paid well it of course has to be a good relationship.

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