Characteristics of a Good Newsletter for Web shops

Posted by admin on December 09, 2014
Newsletters for Web Shops

Newsletters can be rejected by readers if they don’t conform to their interests. Sometimes they can be flagged as spam messages simply because they lacked relevance. For this reason, authors of newsletters spend hours coming up with interesting topics and content that will not only be engaging to the customer, but will also be a reasonable way to get started and access the web shop.

Motivate existing customers

webshopemail2There are various characteristics that should be observed and maintained when drafting a newsletter that will motivate existing customers to log in and find out whether you have anything new for them. The first characteristic is trust building. Even though you might have thousands of registered members on your site, it is not enough. If you do not maintain a professional business setup, these thousands might turn to hundreds and the numbers continue to dwindle until you improve your services and customer care. Trust building can be achieved by adding first hand confessions from another existing customer. This is because customers who have just signed in would rather hear it from someone who has used your services than take your word for it. Another step is responding promptly and politely to every query, no matter how small. A quick response always builds trust because it implies that you care.

Every step is a new opening, which means that you need to create an atmosphere where your customer doesn’t get the feeling that he or she is being tricked into becoming a returning customer. For this, confidence can be established by adding credibility to the newsletter. A feedback from one of the customers will be sufficient enough to address this interest, but at the same time, the author needs to showcase the value of the web shop to the customer. Note that your products and services have a particular target, which means not every person out there should be given the chance to sign up and enjoy them.

KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid)

Besides making your newsletter memorable, you should avoid overdoing it. In other words, explaining too much of how the customer will find it great to join and shop with you might get too boring. Instead of all that, you need to focus your prospects for the future. Generally, the more reasons you provide for the customer to help them keep reading, the better are your chances that the customer will find the newsletter a useful tool to buying your products or services that he or she needs. Authors who have incorporated certain advantages such as educating the reader about the web shop and in particular emphasizing the nature of the products end up earning the readers interests.

Like any other marketing tool, whether online or on the ground, a call to action is very important whereby you let the reader know that they can always reach out directly through a particular contact for any questions about the newsletter, which of course will be addressed within the shortest time possible. While you can send the same email to multiple customers, based on their previous performance and problems that they may have undergone, it is highly recommended that you tailor a particular newsletter to a given customer. For instance, a “We Miss You newsletter” for customers that haven’t shopped in a while is very common these days.

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