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Posted by webmaster on April 17, 2018

An email marketing and newsletter app can be a big help in managing your email. We send and receive them multiple times on a daily basis. We want to make sure that the important emails will not be ignored amidst all the other junk emails that are sent to us. You need to have an application that will help you manage all the emails coming in – separating marketing campaigns, notifications, and the work-related or personal messages.

These applications are not just helpful when it comes to managing the emails coming in. It can also help you when sending our email newsletters. There are specific tools that can manage your contact list. You can also use the app to set up templates that will make email creation easier to do. These tools will help you automate sending out emails so you do not have to manually do it on a daily basis.

Best email marketing and newsletter apps

There are so many email marketing and newsletter apps available online. You have to go through some of them to scrutinise the various features that they have. You want to make sure that you can find the right app that will help you meet your needs as you try to manage your various emails and newsletters.

Here are a couple of apps that you might want to consider.


This app is able to automate your CRM and marketing materials through its newsletter tool. It is sophisticated enough to help you gather information about customers so you can send a more personalised email or newsletter to them. These details include locations, interests, etc. This app includes an email editor and a designing tool that will help you create great newsletters and send them immediately.


This is a helpful app to help you increase your email list. It can integrate with platforms like PayPal, WordPress and social networking sites to determine and tap into the clients that are already interacting with your business. It can also be connected to your mobile so you can monitor the stats and subscribers. The app also has every tool that you will need to create emails and newsletters easily and conveniently. You can even use their library of stock photos and templates.

Benchmark Email

Among the other email marketing and newsletter apps, this one focuses on making your messages look great. It is an internationalised app that allows you to use it anywhere. It also has email templates that can fit both mobile devices and desktops. The layouts used in this app allows you to manipulate texts and multimedia components. There are also colour options that will improve the aesthetics of the email.

Consider these email marketing and newsletter apps when you are trying to step up your campaign. Choosing the right app will help you bring your marketing efforts further so make sure you get to know the qualities that you need to help in your efforts.

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