Ideas on Writing a Newsletter Article for Online Casinos

Posted by admin on December 09, 2014
Newsletters for Online Casinos

Contrary to popular beliefs, the old way of reaching out to audiences through written content still remains an effective and applicable way of communication. They are an effective means of reaching out to new and existing client base, creating a relationship between them and your business.

One of the most obvious benefits associated with newsletters is boosting sales. A readership survey conducted to determine the effectiveness of newsletter articles for online casinos and other web shops indicated that someone who likes to gamble would end up reading any newsletter with an offer and probably clicking on the link that comes with it. This makes emails an effective sales tool.


How to draft a newsletter

In order for your newsletter to have maximum impact you need to consider a few things when drafting it.

The first thing you need to consider as the writer of a newsletter is the target demographic. This is generally the audience you anticipate to address. The article will be tailored to communicate with gamblers online as well as people who have been using land based casinos and now want to transition to online casinos. Whatever you write must be targeted to meet your demographic’s desires. What do they want? Figure that out and focus on that.

In most cases, newsletters will be authored following a given tone. For instance, they can be more engaging if a bit of humor is instilled, however, formal and educative newsletters may also imply a high level of professionalism that gamblers may find appealing. Note that the tone will most likely depend on the demographic you need to address. Usually, you would base the tone on the company profile – a young, playful company should have a matching tone.

The subject title is also another important factor. You should always be aware that an eye catching subject is what will prompt the reader to open the newsletter and find out what you have in store for them. Again, ask yourself what your readers want. Then hint at them getting it in the subject.

While some newsletters can address the reader directly from the second person perspective, the, most of these email stories are written from the third person perspective. This makes the reader understand that he or she is not the only person being targeted. Hence if there are some benefits described in the body of the email, he or she should do everything possible to be among the first few to access them. This is especially true in cases where the 100 first people to sign up for X win Y, and so on.

A newsletter is usually written in the inverted pyramid style, a technique that is observed in newspaper stories. This method allows the most important information to appear within the first paragraph and trickle down to the less important as you write on. Don’t forget to proofread the newsletter several times before batch sending it.


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