How Many Times Should Online Casinos Use Email Newsletters?

Posted by admin on December 09, 2014
Newsletters for Online Casinos

Email newsletters have become quite common over the past few years. Online casinos have adapted this market strategy to create awareness about new products and services. Depending on the number of times you intend to unveil new products to your target audience, you may have to increase or decrease the number of newsletters you forward to them per session.

Newsletters might contain valuable information on the most trending game that season, but above that, they will inform customers about certain discounts or bonuses that the casino has decided to offer at a given time and what the player must do in order to access those discounts. Check out for example of promotions on online casinos.


Unlike other internet marketing techniques such as the use of SEO rich content to increase traffic to the website, email newsletters are already targeted to preexisting customers who have already provided their email details. They have already shown interest in the product on offer.

The best thing about online casinos is that turning a first time visitor into a subscriber is comparatively easy. While there are online casinos that allow players to gamble anonymously, most consider using legitimate process, which allows customers to sign up through their email addresses before they start playing.

This procedure ensures that the casino acquires accounts of registered users hence can easily inform them about new products and discounts. Please note that signing up for a newsletter is mostly by free will hence webmasters should put this into consideration when customizing online based casino websites to have such features.

What goes in a newsletter, primarily one meant for online casinos? Well, the first thing that you should consider before drafting newsletters targeted to your audience is the objective. Imagine writing a very good sales letter to your audience but then you leave out the most important details such as new offers, a new sister website or a site that has been customized towards a particular demographic coming up? You should draft your email sales letter not only compelling those existing customers but also by making it easy to spread the word about any other new addition to the site.

Remember that your newsletter is aimed at persuading your targets to checkout new products and services linked to the casino that should be of major interest to them. An advantage that comes with the use of newsletters to create attention is that you are able to let your customers see things the way you want them to see. In other words, the customer is left with limited options to say no. But the benefits can only be visualized if the topic addressing the subject matter is clear, attention grabbing and above all, easily understood. Email newsletters should be used as many times as possible as long as customers remain positive to the information you provide them. Just be careful of emailing too often – several times a day will eventually result in the customers ceasing to pay attention to the emails.


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