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Ideas on Writing a Newsletter Article for Online Casinos

Posted by admin on December 09, 2014
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Contrary to popular beliefs, the old way of reaching out to audiences through written content still remains an effective and applicable way of communication. They are an effective means of reaching out to new and existing client base, creating a relationship between them and your business.

One of the most obvious benefits associated with newsletters is boosting sales. A readership survey conducted to determine the effectiveness of newsletter articles for online casinos and other web shops indicated that someone who likes to gamble would end up reading any newsletter with an offer and probably clicking on the link that comes with it. This makes emails an effective sales tool.


How to draft a newsletter

In order for your newsletter to have maximum impact you need to consider a few things when drafting it.

The first thing you need to consider as the writer of a newsletter is the target demographic. This is generally the audience you anticipate to address. The article will be tailored to communicate with gamblers online as well as people who have been using land based casinos and now want to transition to online casinos. Whatever you write must be targeted to meet your demographic’s desires. What do they want? Figure that out and focus on that.

In most cases, newsletters will be authored following a given tone. For instance, they can be more engaging if a bit of humor is instilled, however, formal and educative newsletters may also imply a high level of professionalism that gamblers may find appealing. Note that the tone will most likely depend on the demographic you need to address. Usually, you would base the tone on the company profile – a young, playful company should have a matching tone.

The subject title is also another important factor. You should always be aware that an eye catching subject is what will prompt the reader to open the newsletter and find out what you have in store for them. Again, ask yourself what your readers want. Then hint at them getting it in the subject.

While some newsletters can address the reader directly from the second person perspective, the, most of these email stories are written from the third person perspective. This makes the reader understand that he or she is not the only person being targeted. Hence if there are some benefits described in the body of the email, he or she should do everything possible to be among the first few to access them. This is especially true in cases where the 100 first people to sign up for X win Y, and so on.

A newsletter is usually written in the inverted pyramid style, a technique that is observed in newspaper stories. This method allows the most important information to appear within the first paragraph and trickle down to the less important as you write on. Don’t forget to proofread the newsletter several times before batch sending it.


Factors to Consider When Crafting Email Sales Newsletters for Casinos

Posted by admin on December 09, 2014
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emailcasino1Many people don’t understand just how valuable email newsletters can be in the competitive casino world.

There are three aspects that dictate the value and performance of a given newsletter and these include time, relevance and how engaging it is to the reader. The newsletter’s aim is to provide new information unknown to the subscriber on how the business has grown and how the customer would benefit from this growth. The purpose of the newsletter is also to alert the customer to any offers he or she might be interested in.

When crafting an email based sales newsletter for an online casino, besides the writer remaining positive every step of the way, there are other underlying factors that would make the information convincing to the customer. Always remember that your target audiences are those visitors who have already provided their email details through subscription. This is why the following factors must be considered.

The first thing you need  to put in mind when crafting a sales newsletter aimed at drawing presumable amount of traffic that will eventually increase the total number of visitors interested in gambling at your casino is to establish an objective. Once you have set a particular objective, stay focused on it. Do not try to use one newsletter to present your multiple set of ideas to the customer because that will not work. Too many offers of differing kinds will confuse the customer. Focus your email for instance on free spins. The next newsletter might talk about new deposit bonuses. The third can bring up a competition on the site. These may all be sent out in the same week, but preferably not on the same day and always in separate emails so that the customers are clear on what’s on offer inside.

Choosing a good header and subject line is another vital step. The point here is that every sentence should be well thought out and targeted towards a given objective. The subject line should immediately make clear what’s on offer and draw the customer in. A good header will further entice the customer once he or she opens the email.

When crafting your email newsletter, ensure that you stay focused on the reader. Every sentence you write should be persuasive and convincing. It should be make the customer desire to visit your casino in order to make use of your offer or your update or whatever other service is on offer. Remember that besides giving them your reasons for the newsletter, customers should also see the benefits that come with it at that point in time.

For any sales newsletter that would be considered valuable, it should provide clickable options. This is a link that would direct the reader straight to the part of the site where they can find the offer. If the link you have provided is not clickable, this is less likely to lead the customer to visit the site. He or she would then have to search the site or type the address manually – usually too much effort even for the most tantalizing offers.


How Many Times Should Online Casinos Use Email Newsletters?

Posted by admin on December 09, 2014
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Email newsletters have become quite common over the past few years. Online casinos have adapted this market strategy to create awareness about new products and services. Depending on the number of times you intend to unveil new products to your target audience, you may have to increase or decrease the number of newsletters you forward to them per session.

Newsletters might contain valuable information on the most trending game that season, but above that, they will inform customers about certain discounts or bonuses that the casino has decided to offer at a given time and what the player must do in order to access those discounts. Check out for example of promotions on online casinos.


Unlike other internet marketing techniques such as the use of SEO rich content to increase traffic to the website, email newsletters are already targeted to preexisting customers who have already provided their email details. They have already shown interest in the product on offer.

The best thing about online casinos is that turning a first time visitor into a subscriber is comparatively easy. While there are online casinos that allow players to gamble anonymously, most consider using legitimate process, which allows customers to sign up through their email addresses before they start playing.

This procedure ensures that the casino acquires accounts of registered users hence can easily inform them about new products and discounts. Please note that signing up for a newsletter is mostly by free will hence webmasters should put this into consideration when customizing online based casino websites to have such features.

What goes in a newsletter, primarily one meant for online casinos? Well, the first thing that you should consider before drafting newsletters targeted to your audience is the objective. Imagine writing a very good sales letter to your audience but then you leave out the most important details such as new offers, a new sister website or a site that has been customized towards a particular demographic coming up? You should draft your email sales letter not only compelling those existing customers but also by making it easy to spread the word about any other new addition to the site.

Remember that your newsletter is aimed at persuading your targets to checkout new products and services linked to the casino that should be of major interest to them. An advantage that comes with the use of newsletters to create attention is that you are able to let your customers see things the way you want them to see. In other words, the customer is left with limited options to say no. But the benefits can only be visualized if the topic addressing the subject matter is clear, attention grabbing and above all, easily understood. Email newsletters should be used as many times as possible as long as customers remain positive to the information you provide them. Just be careful of emailing too often – several times a day will eventually result in the customers ceasing to pay attention to the emails.


Benefits of Newsletters for Online Casinos

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There are different techniques website managers use in order to build traffic to their sites. Regardless of the products and services offered by the site, attention must be created about its existence such that those interested would locate it and subsequently make purchases.

Newsletters have been used by many high ranked websites as an approachable method necessary for generating traffic. The biggest question any online casino owner would jump to ask is obvious. Do newsletters have any significance in their businesses? Why would they need newsletters if they can use other internet marketing techniques to attract gamblers from different walks of life? Well, it’s very simple.

100dollarGenerally, what newsletter do is provide a method for you of increasing your conversion rates or even improving current relations with your existing clientele. E-mail marketing remains a favorable way to drive sales. According to recent statistical data, the findings reported that 66% of customers online have made purchases because of the message contained in a newsletter.

Before the invention of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, email was the most heavily used form of online communication. This means that it has three times more users compared to social media and other regularly used internet marketing techniques.

Consumer reviews indicate that more customers are interested in information getting to them in the form of email newsletters rather than having them posted on other platforms that would still create awareness about new products and services.

Another benefit associated with newsletters for email marketing, specifically that linked to online casinos, is engagement. All customers choosing to use your online casino to gamble will register at your site through email. You can use this same system to link with them and in particular draft newsletters addressing their objectives towards your online casino. Note that it is easy to tweak an email newsletter and thereby convert customers visiting the site for the first time to regulars – or in other words, subscribers.

Since most websites and corporate company blogs aren’t designed to help customers communicate efficiently with site managers and other key people within the business, the use of email newsletters has become reasonable way towards restoring loose relationships between the two parties.

There are various ways in which your online casino newsletter can be customized to reflect your objectives and the customer’s needs at the same time. For instance, somewhere at the foot of the site, the term sign up for our newsletter should be featured because this allows customers to decide accordingly.